Need to patch the firmware to activate RTSP on port 554.

Solution found here

I found the solution after talking with the support team of these cameras. It is necessary to upgrade the firmware of the camera to open the onvif ports. Download files here

  1. Unzip the files
  2. Copy the files to the root of the microSD
  3. Restart the camera
  4. Wait until the update finishes, listening if you have a horn or watching the LEDs
  5. Check that the 554 port has been opened
  6. Delete the SD update files


	"platform": "Camera-ffmpeg",
	"cameras": [{
		"name": "V380",
		"videoConfig": {
			"vcodec": "h264_omx",
			"source": "-re -i rtsp://admin:password@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/live/ch00_1",
			"maxFPS": 25,
			"maxHeight": 720,
			"maxStreams": 2,
			"maxWidth": 1280


/live/ch00_1 : 1280x720

/live/ch00_0 : 640x480