Homebridge Config

	"name": "<Camera Location Name>",
	"manufacturer": "Sercomm",
	"model": "iCamera2",
	"serialNumber": "<Camera Serial Here>",
	"videoConfig": {
		"source": "-i rtsp://administrator@<Camera IP>:554/img/media.sav",
		"stillImageSource": "http://administrator@<Camera IP>:554/img/snapshot.cgi",
		"audio": true

Additional Information

There are some additional parameters you'll need to set in the Camera firmware itself through your browser to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity:

  1. Set SSID: http:///adm/get_group.cgi?group=WIRELESS&wlan_essid=

  2. Set WLAN Password: http:///adm/get_group.cgi?group=WIRELESS&wpa_ascii=

Please note that when setting your iCam2's up through Homebridge you will lose the ability for CVR through Xfinity Home and you will not be able to access your cameras through the Xfinity Home touchscreen or mobile app. All access will be through Apple HomeKit.