Homebridge Config:

	"name": "Phone Cam",
	"model": "AirBeam on iPhone 4S / iOS 9.3",
	"serialNumber": "0123456789",
	"motion": true,
	"switches": true,
	"motionTimeout": 5,
	"unbridge": true,
	"videoConfig": {
		"source": "-use_wallclock_as_timestamps 1 -thread_queue_size 1024 -re -probesize 32 -analyzeduration 0 -i http://[IP_ADDRESS:PORT]/service/camera/video.mjpeg -fflags nobuffer -probesize 32 -analyzeduration 0 -i http://[IP_ADDRESS:PORT]/service/camera/audio.aac",
		"stillImageSource": "-re -probesize 32 -analyzeduration 0 -i http://[IP_ADDRESS:PORT]/service/camera/video.mjpeg",
		"maxFPS": 10,
		"forceMax": true,
		"packetSize": 188,
		"encoderOptions": "-preset ultrafast -tune zerolatency",
		"audio": true,
		"debug": false
	"mqtt": {
		"motionTopic": "homebridge/camera-ffmpeg/Phone%20Cam/motionDetected",
		"motionMessage": "yes",
		"motionResetTopic": "homebridge/camera-ffmpeg/Phone%20Cam/motionDetected",
		"motionResetMessage": "no"

Additional Information:


  • Audio
  • Motion Detection
  • Video ;-)

Settings in AirBeam

  • Camera

    • Activate Audio / Video
    • Format: High
    • Limit Frame Rate: 10FPS
    • No Overlays / AutoFocus / Mirror
  • Streaming

    • Video: Motion JPEG (H264 Setting is useless; App always outputs MJPEG)
    • Audio: AAC
    • Video Resolution: 50%
    • Quality: 50%
    • No UDP

Node-RED Flow for listening to AirBeam's MotionDetected Events

  • Flow AirBeamConnectableFlow

    • Configurable Array of Cameras
    • Detect if Camera devices (= Phones) are not reachable (e.g. if not connected to WiFi), and setting global value
    • Detet if Video / Audio / Motion service (= AirBeam) is not consumable (e.g. if app is not running), and setting global value Node-RED Flow AirBeamConnectableFlow
  • Flow AirBeamMotionDetection

    • Stop sending mqtt messages if not reachable / consumable, see above
    • Sends mqtt messages of all configured active cams based on MotionDetection attribute of AirBeam Camera's status Node-RED Flow AirBeamMotionDetection


Latency when opening the stream is BLAZING fast now (even a bit better than my native Logitech Circle 2 Cams), delays / lags are <1s, and the audio is properly in sync with video (was the biggest "issue").

Running smooth on Raspberry 4b, OS 32bit / RAM 4GB: Raspi's Load is 60% / Temp is around 75°C when running 2 camera streams simultaneously (8% / ~60-65°C in normal operation mode).