Set porthttp in your config to be whatever port you want the HTTP server to listen on. The server will not start without this set.


To trigger the motion sensor make an HTTP request to http://hostname:port/motion?Camera%20Name where the 'Camera%20Name' is the URL encoded name of the camera (so, for example, a space becomes %20).

If you make an HTTP call to http://hostname:port/motion/reset?Camera%20Name it will reset the motion sensor. If you plan to use this function, it is recommended to set motionTimeout under the camera to 0 to disable the automatic reset of the motion sensor.

Doorbell activation is also available by making a call to http://hostname:port/doorbell?Camera%20Name.

Config Example

  "platform": "Camera-ffmpeg",
  "porthttp": "8080",
  "topic": "homebridge",
  "cameras": [
      "name": "Camera Name",
      "motion": true,
      "motionTimeout": 1,
      "videoConfig": {
        "source": "-re -i",
        "stillImageSource": "-i",
        "maxStreams": 5,
        "maxWidth": 1280,
        "maxHeight": 720,
        "maxFPS": 15,
        "maxBitrate": 1000